Accredited & Certified Billboard Installers

We can print and install billboards to suit your individual requirements. We are NZ Transit certified and NZQA Level 2 accredited to work at heights.

Before embarking on the purchase of a billboard it is worth considering a number of factors for the optimum job.

1. Do you currently have the framework? If the answer is no, we can offer construction in both timber or metal, internal or external. It is important to remember that the finished product will only be as good as the structure, the neater the finish the more exact the billboard skin can be stretched, resulting in a superior finish.

2. When designing the artwork take into consideration where it will be viewed from. There is little point filling it up with masses of text if viewed at 100km while driving. It is also valuable to remember that a billboard with large spaces of clear vinyl will attract more unwanted graffiti than a coloured or patterned surface.

3. Knowing how often the billboard is to be changed out will help when deciding what quality of materials should be used. Also the need for access equipment will impact on the overall job costing.

4. If the billboard is in an area prone to excessive graffiti, it is wise to apply an anti-graffiti film prior to erection to give longevity of product.

Check out some of our work on portfolio page . For enquiries regarding billboards please contact us via email or call us on: 0800 744 611

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