Promotional Signage

For a range of events

Promotional signs come in varying forms… depending on location, use and length of promotions.

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Flags Banners

‌ Flags & Banners:

Cloth or PVC flags for shopping centres, main street promotions, subdivisions, real estate applications, cafes/restaurants or home shows.

‌ For Sale Signs:

From cheap lightweight corflute panels (with or without visuals), suitable for selling one-off properties to large semi-permanent promotions for subdivisions or shopping centre lease signs.

‌ Promotional Windows:

Window graphics for events such as Christmas or Mothers’ Day or to promote an outstanding achievement, such as Best Café.

‌ Digital Imaging:

Wall and glass graphics to promote seasonal changes or special dates.

Retail signage

‌ Point of Sale:

Freestanding lightweight point of sale material for merchandising.

‌ Frosting:

Get a sandblasted and etched look for a fraction of the cost. Available in many coloured or textured options, this can provide privacy while not blocking light – great for office dividers or home application.

‌ Change-out Sandwich Boards:

Make your sandwich board versatile by having either change-out panels for promoting upcoming events and sale details, or simply include a blackboard/whiteboard panel.

‌ Posters/Entry Boxes:‌

Promote your next branch competition with custom made posters and promo entry boxes, complete with entry forms and pens.

Wall and bespoke graphics

‌ Bespoke Artwork:

Be amazed as your vision is brought to life on canvas or text for glass splash backs and wall graphics.

‌ Freestanding Pop up Counters:

Pop up counters are extremely popular for product launches and trade shows, giving you an instant presentation counter. Widely used in supermarkets and shopping malls for product sampling and charity drives, the inbuilt shelf located behind the stand can be handy for storage of stocks of promotional material. Simple to set up and transport, this unit comes complete, personalised with your logo or artwork.

‌ Tents & Tablecloths:

Easily assembled and transportable tents of varying sizes, complete with all hardware necessary and fully printed with your logo. Selection of sizes of tablecloths fully printed with your logo – ideal for shows.

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