Vehicle Signage

A great way to advertise…when done well!

Vehicle signage is possibly the best form of advertising, apart from word of mouth, but only if done well!

There are several details that need to come together to make the perfect job of applying signage to your vehicle:

  1. Vehicle preparation is paramount. This includes removal of any grease, wax and tar.
  2. Good quality artwork is essential.
  3. High quality vinyl must be used at all cost.
  4. A fully qualified applicator is essential to obtain the best result. This will ensure that the film will last & stay put for many years to come.
  5. A clean vehicle will not only give a better impression, but also make the signage last longer.
  6. It is important to check the LTSA requirements regarding signage for your vehicle before the design process is started. All vehicles are not treated as equals ie. there are far less restrictions on a commercial van than there are on a private vehicle used for business or a wholly dedicated business vehicle.
    Vehicles can be as simple or elaborate as desired. As basic as “permanent and prominent” to a full vehicle wrap. We are experts in all aspects of vehicle signage.

Vehicles can be as simple or elaborate as desired. As basic as “permanent and prominent” to a full vehicle wrap. We are experts in all aspects of vehicle signage. Email us or give us a call on 0800 744 611 to discuss vehicle signage options.

Vehicle signage projects for a variety of vehicles, our clients include:

  • Wagner
  • LumberBank
  • Hitch Car Rentals
  • ITW Packaging Systems NZ
  • Attitude
  • Māori Television
  • TPL Access
  • Splat Pest Control
  • Lone Star
  • Anyscape
  • Ward Demolition
  • Carpets Express
Vehicle Signage Van Trailers
Vehicle Signage Truck
Vehicle Signage Ute

Vehicle graphics are a great form of advertising. Get noticed and become instantly identifiable when out and about. See your brand name and imagery come to life on car advertising that goes everywhere you do!

Your single car or entire fleet of trucks and vans will be transformed with vehicle signwriting.

From simple LTSA requirements to full vehicle wraps, we can get professional custom graphics onto any type of vehicle.

Removing vinyl graphics & vehicle wraps

Old vinyl becomes brittle once exposed to UV light and how hard removal is going to be depends on three things – what vinyl was used, how long it has been on the vehicle and how much exposure to sun it has had. That being the case you will generally find one side is easier to remove than the other.

The use of a heat gun is helpful, but a hairdryer will not cut the mustard as it simply doesn’t produce enough heat to do the job done.

The trick is to heat up the vinyl to the right temperature to allow it to become as elastic as possible without damaging the paintwork underneath or burning your fingers in the process. This will not only allow the vinyl to lift off, but also take its glue with it. The more glue you can remove at this stage the better.

After all the graphics have been removed, the real work starts – removing the glue. We recommend a degreaser spray and lots of clean cloths. Follow this by a cleaner to get the degreaser off and job done.

We have also found a wallpaper steamer to be useful for larger jobs. Make sure you get one with a plastic head and padded cover to ensure you don’t scratch the vehicle.

View our portfolio to browse some of our work. Contact us by email or give us a call on 0800 744 611 for any vehicle signage enquiries.

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