Welcome to what we like to call our “Wrapettoire”

In this section you will see a variety of projects we have completed that involve wrapping vinyl media – both plain and digitally printed.

This is a very specialised field and DB Signs excel in it.

The applications are varied and include to date:

  • Vehicle wraps – cars, trucks, trailer units, boats
  • Vinyl wraps – permanent caravan sites, caskets and heat pumps

This is just limited by your imagination. If it has a rigid surface and it will stay still long enough, we’ll wrap it! Contact us for further information

The advantages of full vinyl wraps are:

  1. Cost – This is a very cost effective way to transform something that looks a little tired, back to showroom condition. Or if the manufacturers don’t make your vehicle in your company colour – no problem, vehicle wrap it!
  2. Time – Once the surface is as clean and smooth as possible the vinyl is applied. As an example, a caravan can be transformed in 1-2 days, a car in 2 days.
  3. Environmentally friendly – How do you spray paint a caravan that lives permanently by the beach? Answer, vinyl wrap it! No overspray, no disruption and pollution to surrounding camp sites, no days of scaffolding.
  4. Convenience – Vinyl covers a multitude of sins, a two tone vehicle can now be one colour, or visa versa. A leased vehicle can be completely wrapped and at the end of the term, remove the vinyl, give it a buff and not only have you had a great form of advertising for the length of the lease, but the paintwork underneath has been protected.
  5. Durability – The best quality vinyl we use has a 10 year warranty. If the vehicle is damaged it is a simple case of just replacing the affected section.
  6. Exclusivity – There is a good range of colour and texture options of vinyl available, or perhaps design your own digital imagery for a completely unique project.

Attention to detail regarding the preparation is essential. The cleaner and smoother the surface, the better the end result. We take time to remove and re-install all badges and mud flaps to ensure a beautiful finish. Vinyl wraps – the way of the future!

Check out some of our vinyl wraps on our gallery or take a look at our client testimonials.

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